title: Gertrude Stein & Picasso's Portrait

artist: Man Ray

year: 1922

size: 3-3/4"x4-3/4

process: vintage gelatin silver print

marks: signed, dated & titled by Man Ray in pencil on print verso;
also with notation "bon" in Man Ray's hand

provenance: Consignor, Massachusetts (5/12/86).
Received in lieu of salary from Il Fauno Galleria, Italy, 1972 (Luciano Anselmino, owner).
Acquired from Man Ray through Arturo Schwartz.


title: Gertrude Stein's Portrait

artist: Pablo Picasso

year: 1913

size: 6 7/8" x 5 9/16"

process: vintage half-tone print

from June 1913 Camera Work, Special Issue


Gertrude Stein wrote to Man Ray "Kindly remember that I have always refused to sit for anyone who wishes to photograph me, in order to give you the exclusive rights. Kindly remember that you have never been asked to give any return for your sale of my photos. My dear Man Ray, we are all hard up, but don't be silly about it. Pleasant trip." (Undated).

Man Ray photographs, ©1982 Thames and Hudson ISBN 0-500-54079-9

In 1906 Picasso worked on my portrait during the whole winter, he commenced to paint figures in colors that were almost monotone, still a little rose but mostly an earth color, the lines of the bodies harder, with a great deal of force there was the beginning of his own vision. It was like the blue period but much more felt and less colored and less sentimental. His art commenced to be much purer.

"Picasso," Gertrude Stein, 1984, Dover Publications Inc., Mineola, New York

"My portraits of Gertrude Stein were the first to appear in print, to give her small circle of readers at the time an idea of how she looked. Perhaps I was impressed by the staidness of her personality but it never occurred to me to try any fantasy or acrobatics with her physiognomy." (Man Ray, The Photographic Image, p. 185)